Vintage Furniture Vancouver

Here, we would like to represent you with some of the best vintage furniture stores which you can get to find in Vancouver, Canada. Vintage furniture is not an easy type of furniture to categorize. First, the word vintage was never really used in the furniture industry, until a couple of years ago. Today, the best way to categorize vintage is to say the furniture is aged more than 25 years but less than 50 years. Therefore, the collections of diverse types of vintage furniture are indeed very colourful and enclose lots of old-time trends especially from the Fifties and from the Seventies.

Restoration Hardware
Unlike its name, this store is really a very special furniture store selling all different types of classic and country vintage furniture that are either locally made or transported in here from Europe. They have some incredible seating and dining sets on offer and the beauty of their carving is really a must-see. This store has some of the most beautiful selection of oak furniture as well and it is simply a must-see for all fans of classic and vintage furniture. Apart from their beautiful furniture, they also have a great selection of authentic accessories. Visit the showroom of Restoration Hardware at Granville Street, Vancouver.

Country Furniture
If you are looking for great country style furniture, then Country Furniture should be one of your first stops. They have an exquisite collection of beautiful British and French style country furniture, restored vintage furniture that are sometimes renovated with some modern twist to make them even more interesting. Country Furniture works with a great group of young furniture designers in order to please both modern and classic taste.

The Antiques Warehouse
Located at Marine Drive near Cambie Street, the Antiques Warehouse is the Nr 1 Antique Street of Vancouver, The Antiques Warehouse brings some of the best selections of antique and vintage furniture for you and therefore this is one of the highest visited antique furniture stores of Vancouver, Canada. The store is also great for its always-renewing collections and a huge selection of furniture, coming in every style and type. Check out the Antiques Warehouse on the above address for some unique pieces of vintage furniture.

Folkart Interiors
Folkart offers a large quantity of antique, restored, replicated and vintage furniture. It is a great store for its good prices and for its unique style of furniture that arrives here from practically everywhere in the world. Folkart is not a large store but its collections are always changing. They also offer furniture in their original state, leaving the renovation works for the future owners, who this way can claim the furniture for an extra cheap price. Their showroom is located at West 10th Avenue, Vancouver.

JoJo’s Place
Jo Jo’s is one of the many antique stores located along the Main Street of Vancouver and it’s some of the best indeed. Their selection of great vintage furniture is very popular and they are one of the most famous of their kind in the city. At Jo Jo’s you can really get to buy some unique old style pieces of furniture to bring some colour in your flat.

These are only some of the best vintage furniture stores which you can get to find in Vancouver. Of course, the real list is much longer than that. We suggest you to pay a visit on the Main Street, which is the Antiques Steet of Vancouver. Canada if you feel like hunting a bit more for vintage furniture.

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