Vintage Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration

A bedroom makeover is something most people plan for every few years. If you’re like many individuals, your bedroom will have a variation of modern design themes at any given time. What if you could completely alter the look of the bedroom for something more unique? Vintage furniture will give you this exceptional, stand-out quality. Rare, stylish and perfectly crafted, vintage furniture makes your bedroom style star shine bright without you having to try so hard. Get this type of furniture whenever you are in Canada and enjoy the warmth it brings to the bedroom. Specific items you can buy in vintage style are beds, headboards, dressers, chests of drawers, nightstands and bedside tables, vanities, jewellery boxes, storage boxes, benches, armchairs and bookcases. If you like to work from your bedroom sometimes, there are different vintage writing desks and chairs that will help you do so in retro comfort.

Unlike other furniture styles which may not look good when mix and matched, vintage furniture looks great when combined with other decor styles. Perhaps you want to retain a contemporary feel in your decor even though you’re using vintage furniture. In this case, you can do so without detracting from the final, blended look. Use modern art deco, wall hangings, shaggy mats, silky fabrics, geometric patterns and brightly coloured accessories to sustain a modern look in the midst of the understated beauty of vintage furniture. An alternative way to let the vintage theme ebb through the room is to accessorize with antique items instead of modern ones.

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