Unique Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is an interesting type of furniture as per its categorization. Vintage means that in age, a furniture, dress or basically any items we are talking about are not yet antiques, which is normally only given to furniture over a century old, but considered old enough to be considered Retro. As the categorization is at times really vague, there is a large crossover between the styles vintage, antique and country. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best vintage furniture stores in Canada.

McArthur Furniture
McArthur furniture is one of the best furniture stores in Calgary, Canada when it comes to classic and vintage style furniture. Featuring a wide range of home furniture from the living room to the bedroom, McArthur’s other specialty is in its fantastic Fifties and Sixties styles leather sofas and seating sets. In the showroom of McArthur, you can also get to find attractive youth furniture and patio furniture too. If you are looking for the warmth and elegance of a vintage style classic home, you ought to check out McArthur Furniture in Calgary, Canada.

Dasan Interiors
With having a rare specialization in old Persian rugs, Dasan Interiors is a very special store of antiques and vintage furniture where you have a great chance to find unique furniture coming from all over the world. Featuring rare selections of Asian, Middle Eastern and European antique and vintage style furniture Dasan Interiors is more than worth checking out. Dasan Interiors also offers interior design services and you can order a specific style or age of furniture from them. A nice addition to the current range of antique and vintage stores in Calgary, Canada Dasan Interiors is a great place to check out.

Antiques by Design
Antiques by Design, contrary to its name, is definitely worth checking out when you are looking for vintage style furniture. With its specialization in French and French Canadian antique and vintage furniture, Antiques by Design has some of the largest collection of vintage style furniture in Calgary, Canada with an always-changing collection. Offering sophisticated old-age designs for every room of a flat, this store is great to visit when you are looking for an addition to your present home furniture or when you are willing to furnish your whole flat vintage style. With its collection of home and office furniture featuring designs up to the Sixties, Antiques by Design can serve as a great inspiration in the creation of a real classy vintage home.

Heirloom Antiques and Vintage Furniture
Heirloom has some of the largest collections of antique and vintage furniture in Calgary, Canada and it is a store, which is more than worth checking out if you would like to take a journey in the past. With their help, you can get to furnish your flat with real vintage furniture no matter its Forties, Fifties or Sixties style you are after. Heirloom does not only represent you with a huge variety of furniture but it is run by real experts in furniture and this means you can not only see outstanding furniture in their store but also can learn a lot on the different styles and ages of furniture. Check out Heirloom Antiques in Calgary, Canada for quality vintage furniture.

For more inspiration on vintage furniture, you also ought to check out the collections of Chintz furniture and Restoration Hardware both having an exquisite collection of vintage style furniture.

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