Trendy Kitchen Designs

Kitchen is an essential part of a flat and it is one of the most heavily used rooms at a home especially when it comes to families. Therefore, it is of key importance to have a kitchen, which is high in quality, which is well designed to have everything at hand and that it matches the rest of the flat in style and design. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best kitchen furniture designer studios in Vancouver, Canada.

We have tried to collect premier designers of kitchens and sellers of kitchen furniture according to both classic and contemporary taste as the need is pretty high for both styles all around the world.

Paradigm Kitchen Design
Paradigm simply deals with everything kitchen related, which includes the building and installation of new kitchen furniture and appliances, the renovation of old kitchens and the making of custom kitchen furniture. They have a great stock of kitchen furniture and they also work with carpenters in order to ensure you get a custom kitchen furniture. They can help you with the whole kitchen design process but you can as well get in touch with them if you want only a suitable cabinet in your kitchen. Visit the studio of Paradigm in Vancouver, Canada located at 720 Alexander Street.

Classic Kitchens and Design
Working with a team of experienced kitchen designers, Classic Kitchens and Design is suitable for everyone to have the kitchen in just the style suitable for them. Specialised but not limited to classic kitchen designs, this studio can help you with all the steps of designing or renovating a kitchen just the way you want it to be. Classic Kitchens offers the kitchen furniture of multiple brands, ranging from classy to modern designs. They can also get and install all the kitchen appliances in your kitchen according to your needs. Find the studio of Classic Kitchens located at 164 West Island Hwy, Parksville – nearby Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

Redl Kitchen Studio
Redl is perfect for those who really want an amazing kitchen in their home and are ready to pay the price for it. This kitchen studio is among the very best in Vancouver, a multiple award winner in terms of beautiful modern kitchen designs. They are ready to create or to recreate a kitchen according to your needs. They deal with top quality kitchen furniture have a fantastic team of kitchen designers and deal with the finest quality appliances too. Contact Redl via their website of visit their studio located at 102-1669 West 3rd Avenue in Vancouver.

Ultimate Kitchen
The Ultimate Kitchen is another company, which is considered to be among the best in Vancouver. They deal with high profile design of quality kitchen furniture and deal with every step of the process, from the beginning to the end. You can leave everything to be dealt with them, from the design to the installation of the whole kitchen. The Ultimate Kitchen is specialised in contemporary kitchen designs, offering the quality kitchen furniture of several European kitchen furniture brands.

Lonetree Enterprises
Lonetree is a very popular company in Vancouver, Canada, dealing with not only the design of kitchens but also with the design of top-notch bathrooms, as per the style you prefer to have. They offer high quality design services and they are able to create or recreate a complete kitchen and bathroom for you. If you check out their Renovations Gallery on their website, you will be able to see how far the kitchen and bathroom design got these days. Lonetree deals with both classic kitchen furniture and modern designs as well, they can handle the whole process of installation together with all the appliances you wish to have.

There are of course so many other companies to visit, when it comes to getting great quality kitchen furniture in Vancouver, Canada. These include Gourmet Warehouse, V6B Design, Supreme Kitchens, with each one of these ready to help you through the whole process of designing or re-designing your kitchen furniture. Visit the website of these companies in order to see which one suits your needs the best. Many of them also offer free quote or design for you to make you decide easier.

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