The Top Mattress Brands

It’s impossible to sleep well when you don’t have a very good mattress. When it feels too firm or too spongy, it is probably time to replace the mattress. Shopping for a new mattress shouldn’t be done in a rush. Take the time to actually test the mattress by sleeping on it for some minutes to gauge how it responds to your body. Remember that mattress choice is a purely individual matter as the same mattress may feel different to two people. So don’t feel bad when you find no comfort in a model that is receiving rave reviews from everyone else. It’s pretty normal because of our differences in body shape and bodily mechanisms, and sleeping patterns. Be open to trying out brands and models you haven’t used before, bearing in mind that the brands you have in mind to buy may not offer the best level of support and comfort for you. With this in mind, here are the most popular mattress brands available in Canada.

Sealy mattresses are popular because many people looking to invest in a good quality mattress. The result of a ground-breaking innovation, Sealy offers what are considered some of the best mattresses in the market. Their Posturepedic collection has earned this company plenty of customers and fans, thanks to the extra core support the Posturepedic mattress gives. This is a hybrid mattress made from half memory foam at the top and half springs underneath. Sealy is also a maker of other popular brands namely Tempur, Tempur-Pedic, Optimum, and Stearns & Foster, all offering premium support, body alignment and heat/temperature control. Tempur-Pedic proves to be one of the most popular mattress brands in the country. Its wide range of comfortable and supportive mattresses makes it possible to find a suitable mattress from the different models offered. All Tempur-Pedic mattresses are classified into categories and further grouped by model, each defined by a distinct set of properties. They offer a broad range of softness/firmness levels, ranging from extra soft Tempur-Cloud collection to adjustable comfort zones with medium feel in the Tempur-Choice Supreme collection. Prices range from $1,700 to upwards of $8,000.

Serta is another popular brand in Canada. They manufacture a variety of innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses and hybrid memory foam mattresses which are built to offer body-aligned support and comfort. Their mattresses come in collections like the iComfort, iSeries, Perfect Sleeper, Bellagio Home, and Sertapedic. Other popular brands offering a variety of memory foam, latex and spring mattresses are King Koil, Monarch, Lux Living, Inverness, Hampton and Rhodes, and Simmons. Prices range from around $200 to more than $6,000 depending on how premium the mattress construction is and the technology used to make it. Natural mattresses are very popular with many. The fact that they do not contain any synthetic components earns them points with a lot of people, especially those prone to allergies. The most popular brands in this category are Natura, Sleeptek Organic, Green Sleep, and Berkeley Ergonomics.

Find the best mattress for your sleeping needs from the popular mattress brands sold in Canada. The most premium of these will give you decades of service and are a worthy investment, as by extension, you are investing on your health when you buy one.

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