Top Kitchen Cabinets

For many, kitchen is the most important part of a home and as such, it must reflect the taste of its owners and in the same time must be in sync with the furniture in the rest of a home. Let us see what varieties of kitchen furniture we can get to find in Canada.

EMPIRE Kitchen
Empire is one of the largest kitchen studios in Calgary and as such, it features and extra large variety of kitchen furniture. In order to help with the choosing Empire offers its kitchen furniture in 3 categories: Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary. In each category, you can get to find over 10 different kitchen furniture sets and each one looks great, unique in its respective style. You ought to check out Empire when you are on a hunt for quality kitchen furniture.

DENCA Kitchen
Denca offers high quality kitchen cabinet systems and this way has an exquisite collection of their own kitchen furniture with great, unique solutions. In addition, Denca also offers custom-made kitchen furniture, which is a great extra, when it comes to someone wanting a unique kitchen.

Designer’s Choice
Designers’ Choice is not a cheap place to buy kitchen furniture but it’s certainly worth when it comes to high profile and entirely original kitchen designs, to make a kitchen look absolutely unique. Designers Choice is always keen to come up with new interior design ideas and great plans for creating a kitchen to echo the style of a home and its owners in the same time.

Heartwood Kitchen Designs
Heartwood offers great classic style kitchen furniture designs in its collections paired up with customized solutions and a great expertise. Heartwood Kitchen is one of Canada’s most popular kitchen furniture salons, having collected multiple awards for its superior kitchen designs. They also offer custom-made kitchen furniture that makes them even more worth checking out.

Lowe’s Furniture
If you are looking for a place where you can get to buy just everything piece-by-piece to create your new kitchen, then its Lowe’s you ought to visit. Offering just everything down to the last screw, Lowe has very friendly prices, a great collection of styles and types of cabinetry, sinks and further kitchen furniture you can get to buy your home appliances in here. With the help of Lowe’s kitchen designer program you can also get to make a plan for yourself on the expected costs of your new kitchen.

IKEA Canada
If you are looking for an extensive range of kitchen cabinets, sinks, countertops and even faucets, counters and further additions then you should definitely check out IKEA is by far the cheapest choice of all kitchen furniture. IKEA is a brand that needs no long introduction due to its fame and popularity all over the world. Representing over 20 different designs, you are well likely to find your next beloved kitchen furniture at IKEA.

Casa Flores
Casa Flores is a design company specialized in designing and creating quality cabinetry for the whole flat, having a specialization in kitchen and bathroom furniture. Their collection is large and colourful and they provide interior design services for their customers. Their showroom is well worth checking out if you want a really well designed and assembled kitchen.