Teak Furniture in Calgary

Teak furniture is not that easy to obtain these days but it’s definitely worth the try because teak has several specialties which make it a fantastic indoor and outdoor furniture. In our article, we would like to talk about teak furniture and its availability in Calgary, Canada. Note, that the stores we enlist has a specialty in offering teak furniture, however there are many other stores out there which have teak furniture in their collection only teak is not their specialty.

Teak furniture has several values which other wooden furniture may not bring. They are especially durable and resistant having the qualities close to that of the solid wood. Thanks to its natural oil content teak furniture is especially protected from insect attack and also great to be used for outdoor furniture because it’s resistant to weather changes. Teak has a silky texture and its natural colour ranges from golden brown to a darker, red-toned chestnut brown. Teak is considered a rare wood and its majority today comes from Indonesia.

Bali and Beyond
Importing furniture straight from the homeland of teak, Bali and Beyond has grown out to become one of the major teak furniture providers in Calgary, Canada. Their furniture is great and overly unique, beautifully carved and also very special in its qualities. The company’s specialty is offering teak furniture, which is made of the reclaimed wood of teak boats. Next to teak they also offer recycled rubber furniture. These interesting specialties make Bali and Beyond definitely a must-visit when you are looking for teak furniture and oriental furniture in Calgary, Canada.

As you may guess from its name, Patioline deals exclusively with patio furniture. Their other specialty is teak furniture and they are one of the very few furniture companies which offer solely teak and wicker furniture. Check out their great dining tables, loungers, benches, chairs and deep seating sets and other great outdoor furniture. On their website, you can also read important information on how to handle and treat teak furniture.

MountainHouse via Maria Tomás
MountainHouse is perhaps the largest retailer of quality outdoors furniture, next to having an immense collection of indoors wooden furniture too. Their collections are overly attractive, contemporary style and made out of quality materials. Mountain House has an alone standing collection solely dedicated to teak furniture, featuring great looking seating sets with beautiful teak tables and chairs which are great to be used both for the indoors and for the outdoors. The Calgary retailer of Mountain House is Maria Tomás, an elegant design studio that is getting more and more recognition for its quality furniture.

Black Diamond Furniture
Black Diamond is a very unique furniture company which is specialised in teak furniture but offering this in very interesting installations, concentrating on the natural, wood-like outlook of the furniture, somehow similarly to log-furniture. They create very interesting designs out of teak, teak root and they also do other carvings, artworks and even feature carved teak bowls in their showroom. If you are looking for something very special looking in your home, patio or garden, don’t hesitate to visit Black Diamond Furniture located at Black Diamond, about half an hour drive from Calgary, Canada.

Shikara Design
Representing the beauty of original Indian furniture, Shikara Design offers a higher number of teak furniture in its collection of imported furniture in form of tables, boxes, chairs, drawers, oriental style seating sets, bookcases and all sorts of great furniture you can imagine. Shikara does have a smaller collection on offer that always changes thanks to its popularity, so check out its website from where you can buy furniture or art pieces directly.

F2 Furnishing
F2 is a contemporary furniture store located in Calgary, Canada that has the specialty in offering furniture made out of reclaimed teak. Featuring attractive collections, representing this great wood in a modern aspect makes it all worth visiting the showroom of F2.

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