Buying Scandinavian Furniture in Calgary

Scandinavian furniture is overly popular all over the world for its modern space-saving but still comfortable style and for its clean lines. The pioneers in Scandinavian furniture making are definitely Danish and Swedish and luckily you can get to find several examples for that, when you live in Calgary, Canada. Let us get to see some great stores, offering Scandinavian furniture in this city.

Eilersen – Via Crave Furniture
Eilersen is quite interestingly a specialist in sofa and seating set design. Founded by Neils Eieresen in 1895 who was a Danish coach builder Eilersen sofas has long been the pioneers in modern sofa design, being the first to ever use steam-bent wood to create its excellent sofas. The logo of the company reminds us the long traditions of this brand. Eilersen is an international brand highly recognized for its great quality. In Calgary, the main retailer of Eilersen sofas is Crave Furniture.

Jesper Office – Via Crave Furniture
Jesper is a Danish designer company specialised in the designing of high quality modern modular office furniture made out of quality wood and steel. The brand was founded in 1935 and today it is highly touted being one pioneers of modern elegant and space-saving office furniture. Next to its extra high quality standards, Jesper also puts an extreme importance on its materials being natural and eco-certified. The Calgary retailer of Jesper Office is Crave Furniture.

Bo Concept
Bo Concept is one of the leading Scandinavian designing companies that today rule the modern furniture market, eventually becoming an exclusive and quite a luxury brand on its own. Bo Concept comes from Denmark and to this day, their furniture designing process happens there. Bo Concept has lots of interesting and novelty furniture designs which make them so popular from among the fans of contemporary furniture. The brand today has stores all around the world, which also includes Calgary, Canada. Check out its store for finding inspiration.
Everyone knows IKEA that started a whole revolution in terms of highly affordable, self-assembled home furniture. The brand is also highly promoting Sweden and Swedish products that it helped to become well-known all around the world. When we check out IKEA’s prices and compare these to the prices of other mid to high-end furniture makers, we will find that IKEA is still among the very cheapest furniture brands, always introducing us to new solutions when it comes to home interiors. You should definitely check out IKEA, which employ the traditions of Scandinavian furniture design, into a great contemporary brand, which is loved all around the world.

Nordesign is one of the largest furniture brands in Calgary, which has a giant collection of furniture, partly imported partly Canadian –make which greatly employs the Scandinavian furniture design traditions, to introduce its great contemporary style collection for an affordable price. This is what makes Nordesign so popular all across the city and its area. The company also has an outstanding collection of living room sofas, couches and all sorts of seating sets.

Scandesigns is not a Calgary based company but it is located in the neighbouring state of British Columbia that offers home delivery alongside its Scandinavian furniture. Check out its website, because it has great, attractive furniture on offer, in style being very similar to that of IKEA.

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