Popular Furniture Stores in Alberta

The beautiful city of Alberta has a variety of furniture stores to choose from when it comes to setting up your home. And the first place that comes to mind is Sims Furniture which has been serving Red Deer and Central Alberta for over 60 years. They have grown to become one of Alberta’s largest and independent furniture and mattress dealers. Their knowledgeable team of staff offer in home design services and they even pride themselves in customer service as they continue to deliver your new furniture blanket wrapped in their own trucks. Since the furniture industry continues to evolve so does their catalogue, hence they make it a point to keep their website catalogue updated with the latest products as well. The four main reasons one can undoubtedly shop at Sims include their lowest price offer guarantee, their satisfaction guarantee, the fact that they service what they sell and the availability of stocks at all times. Sims also has a strict policy on their payment option where they do not collect payments online but only in person.

Leon’s on the other hand was founded in 1909 and was started out as a general merchandise store. A 100 years later it is one of the largest retailers selling furniture, major appliances and electronics. Till today they haven’t forgotten their roots and sell high quality brand name furniture at some of the lowest prices. The one thing they do guarantee is immediate delivery of the products purchased. Do check out their save tax options on purchasing brand new furniture.

At UpperWoods Furniture company or better earlier known as Royal Oak Home Furnishings you will find furniture ranging in all styles, from ultra modern through urban casual all the way to rustic country. As their name suggests they carry a wide range of wooden furniture in maple, birch, oak, cherry and pine. You can also find exotic woods at their store. So if you are looking for some nice classy, Canadian wood crafted and excellent value furniture then UpperWoods is the place for you!

Finesse Home LivingFounded in 1983, Finesse Home Living is located in the heart of South Edmonton. This locally owned full service furniture and home accessory retailer currently operates under a former IKEA building which consists of 70,000 sqft of showroom space. They are recognized as Western Canada’s largest supplier of brand name furniture. A walk into their showroom will inspire your imagination and make you want to buy a piece of furniture. Their team of well trained staff members will be able to assist you and match your lifestyle with the kind of products that should adorn your home, not to forget at the best prices too!

If you still feel the need to explore more stores in Alberta, then here are a few more choices that you can dwell in – Mcarthur Fine Furniture and Interior Designs, Bondars, Yvonnes Furniture, Furniture Villa and much more. Each of the above mentioned places have something unique to offer whether in the method of selling or by the choice of products. It is best to visit these furniture shopping destinations to get a better understanding of the type of products they possess.

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