Organic Mattress Guide

Organic mattress is made using organic materials and it is popular because no pesticides or chemicals are used to manufacture it. Different manufacturers use different materials to manufacture an organic mattress. In France and New Zealand, wool used to create an organic mattress is taken from lambs. After removing the wool, it undergoes a chemical free cleaning and a non-toxic soapy solution. Some of the mattresses are manufactured using natural latex rubber in combination with natural wool. Mattress manufactured using latex rubber is very safe when compare to the polyurethane foam or memory foam. Since going green is becoming popular these days, most people prefer buying organic mattress in Canada.

Organic mattress are of two types such as organic rubber and organic cotton. Organic cotton mattress is more like a regular mattress with cotton filling both inside and outside. Organic mattress made of organic rubber is designed more like memory foam mattress with organic rubber as the main product. Non-organic cotton mattress is manufactured using chemicals to process the cotton. Some of the chemicals used to process cotton will increase the probability of causing cancer and allergies that cause asthma. Organic cotton mattress is most popular because of its affordability.

The cotton is normally grown without using chemical fertilizers. Hence, once it is picked, it will be used as it is, without taking out the natural wax. Organic rubber used as the core of the mattress, but outside the mattress the material used will be cotton. To give the mattress a softer texture, holes are made in the rubber. Both organic rubber and organic cotton mattresses use organic wool as one of the materials. Organic wool is included in the mattress for its properties of being a fire retardant. In other regular mattress, PBDEs is used as the fire retardant chemical. PBDE affects the growth and brain development in children.

Organic mattress is normally bought by people suffering from allergies and orthopedic ailments. Some people only want to use eco-friendly products, which makes them to buy organic mattress. Buying mattress by seeing the advertisement doesn’t mean that you’ll get a real organic mattress. Hence, you have to be very careful while purchasing an organic mattress. Purchasing an organic mattress not only increase your comfort level, but also adds to the quality of your life. Polyurethane foam triggers allergies in the users, which does not occur in case of organic mattress.

Sound sleep is necessary for good health, which is possible by sleeping on an organic mattress. The organic materials used in the mattress are renewable, eco-friendly and bio degradable, which makes it a great option for the environment and nature lovers. Organic mattress in Canada is well worth for the money spend when looking at its benefits. You can find several online and offline organic mattress stores in Canada. Some of the organic mattress stores in Canada are Myessentia, The Mattress & Sleep Co, Dormeo, Sleepteck, Somasleep, Obasan, Organic Lifestyle, KEETSA, Aviva, Sleepy’s Bedroom Furniture & Sleep Shop, and many more.

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