Modern Luxury Furniture

High quality and high design value is always worth paying for, therefore luxury furniture brands have their selected range of customers no matter where you go. In our article, we would like to introduce you to some of the highest quality and most expensive furniture store you can get to find in Canada.

Bo Concept
Bo Concept is one of the most famous modern furniture brands that always bring something new for the customers. Representing Denmark in its designs Bo Concept works with lots of modern furniture designers in order to stay colourful and up to date thanks to which, the brand is considered one of the trendiest in the world. You can find lots of interesting solutions and novelties in the furniture designs of Bo Concept for the whole home and although thanks to its sky-high prices the brand is really considered a luxury brand.

Roche Bobois
Roche Bobois is representing the always-evolving nature of French furniture design in forms of several and really diverse collections, inspired by different cultures, natural elements and a lot more. Roche Bobois is one of the best modern furniture brands in the world and as such, it is also one of the most expensive of these, however its furniture being highly inspirational really everyone can get to find fantastic pieces of furniture suitable for their taste in one of its Canadian showrooms. Check out Roche Bobois for some of the best examples of the art of modern furniture design.

McArthur Furniture
If you like high quality classic wooden furniture then McArthur is definitely a great brand to visit for you. Being among the best sellers of leather and solid wood furniture, the brand also acts as the reseller of over 15 luxury furniture brands from all around the world. If you would like to build an overly elegant, classic, or even country style home then choose McArthurs furniture, which is considered one of the most visited luxury furniture store in Airdrie, Canada.

Home Evolution
Home Evolution is a great designer store, offering a huge range of both classic style and modern style furniture with lots of new ideas and inspirations taken from different subjects sometimes by also converting them into pieces of furniture. All in all Home Evolution is a great store if you are looking for some selected unique additions in your home but it’s definitely one of the most expensive furniture stores in Canada. Check out their discounted section for their affordable pieces.

Pottery Barn
As lovely as it is, Pottery Barn is one of the most expensive furniture brands in the world. Offering a fantastic selection of antique and country style solid wood furniture, paired up with quality leather sofas and great, stylish additions in every room you can imagine, you must definitely be a millionaire if you want to furnish your whole home with the furniture of Pottery Barn. The store however is great if you want to pamper yourself with a couple of single unique furniture items, out of which you are sure to find plenty. Check out the “Sales” section of its website for rare finds for half their original price. The accessories and home decor items of Pottery Barn act just great as a present for a beloved friend or family member.

Restoration Hardware
Being one of the very best sellers of country style furniture, offering lots of its pieces out of reclaimed wood, Restoration Hardware is one of the most popular luxury furniture brands in Canada and also one of the most expensive. With its fantastic tables, bookshelves, seating sets and sofas, Restoration Hardware is also an interior design specialist and it’s a must see if you like furniture and want to collect inspiration.

Chintz & Co.
Chintz is Canada’s primary brands of antique-style, country and classic luxury furniture with an extra large collection of high quality furniture, homeware and all accessories you can possibly imagine. With a showroom that looks like a luxury hotel. Chintz is a must-visit if you are looking for luxury furniture in Canada.

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