Modern Home Furniture

Furniture design is a great way of art and next to traditional and classic furniture staying always a trend, there is a growing number of people who likes to stay up to date and follow the latest furniture trends instead of sticking with the old. Canada is also rich in modern furniture stores out of which we would like to represent you with some of the most interesting ones to get the latest home decorating ideas.

GH Modern Furniture
If you are looking for modern furniture, especially in terms of high quality seating sets, then you ought to check out GH Furniture in Canada. Representing perhaps the biggest variation of sofas and living room seating sets, many of which come in awesome design and great quality GH Modern Furniture can bring a great inspiration for you on how to furnish your flat, especially your living room. GH furniture acts as a retailer of several modern furniture brands and this way, has some of the largest variation of modern furniture and home décor items that are more than worth checking out.

Resource Furniture
Resource Furniture brings lots of unique furniture solutions to the table while concentrating specifically on smaller spaces offering lots of space-saving solutions such as wall beds and one-piece kitchen modules, to make a flat look much bigger. Resource Furniture represents lots of Italian furniture in its collections and if you only have a smaller flat, then its definitely worth checking out for some great solutions. They have furniture store in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

F2 Furnishings
F2 is both a furniture store and an interior design consultant that offers high-end furniture designs, all of which is made in Canada. You can get to see lots of inspirational furniture at F2 which always keeps up with the latest international furniture trends and offers fun and modern furniture in every room of your flat. Check out its Crush chaise collection that has items that look great and which are also overly cosy. F2 also has a large collection of artworks and home décor items on offer. F2 also offers furniture made out of reclaimed wood. Check out their showroom near your place for some great decor ideas and modern furniture for your home.

Homestyles: In2condo
A specialist of modern, reclaimed wood furniture, In2Condo is one of Canada’s most popular stores of modern, contemporary furniture. Being one of the online stores of the Homestyles brand, In2Condo represents us with good quality yet affordable home furniture in fantastic variety for the whole home. You can freely browse their website, which is highly inspirational and contains both ultra-modern and also classic pieces of furniture. Homestyles also offers classier style furniture through its website. In2Condo offers furniture for the living room, bedroom, dining room and for the office. Their reclaimed wood collection is especially remarkable and they ship all around Canada.

Domaine Furnishings
Domaine Furnishings is a high-end dealer of quality modern furniture that offers an overly diverse and at times even artistic range of furniture designs for the whole home. Domaine Furnishings offers contemporary and classic home furniture designs alongside interior design services and it’s well worth checking out if you are looking for something new to refresh the look and style of your home. Domaine Furnishings acts as the retailer of over 20 different brands and brings the latest European trends in the Canadian furniture market. Check out one of its remarkable showrooms in Canada for lots of great interior design ideas and contemporary furniture.