Modern Furniture Vancouver

Modern furniture really shows us the alternatives of future living in several different angles. Thanks to the new designs, you can really get inspired to recreate your home to become a modern haven for you or your family. In this article, we would like to represent you with some of the best furniture design retails and stores in Vancouver, Canada.

There are several concepts in modern furniture designs, with each one featuring a different aspect in the design and making of modern furniture. The most famous centres of furniture design include Italy, France, Denmark and Japan with Singapore in the Far East. There are some great companies in Canada that deal with the selling of many great furniture brands in Canada. Let us see some of the best examples for buying top-notch modern furniture in this city.

Rove Concepts is one of the top modern furniture brands in Vancouver offering the designs of 4 brands and over 20 furniture designers. You can shop from the website or from the showroom of the company. You can look up furniture by Product, by type of Room and by Designer as well. Today, this is one of the best visited stores in Vancouver, Canada, when it comes to great and new designs. Rove is especially strong in terms of chairs and sofas of all type.

Living Space is another premiere destination for all those who would like their flat to stay up to date with the latest designs, coming from the most important design hubs of the world. The company is very famous also because you can get to find modern furniture here for every room of your home, which even includes the kitchen and the patio. Check out the company’s Special Offers section that gets updated from time to time. Living Space has an incredibly large showroom located in the Armoury District, in the downtown of Vancouver.

Inspiration is one of the largest modern furniture retails in Vancouver, Canada. The company deals with the products of over 10 international furniture brands and offers anything furniture for every room of a flat or a home. You ought to check them out because they provide a huge inspiration for innovative interior design and they have some outstanding modern designs. Check out their showroom at 1275 West 6th Ave. Vancouver.

Urban Decor is a hip new store that deals with great modern furniture collections. They are especially strong in sofas and all sorts of seating instruments or seating sets, made out of textile or leather. Urban Decor only offers its collections online or through other sellers which include Elite Living, Monarch, Eztia or Mazik Furniture.

Brougham is a beginning to become a big name in terms of trendy luxury furniture. They sell all sorts of modern furniture sets in great selections for indoors and outdoors and their designs are really an inspiration for any home setters or renovators. Brougham offers several high profile brands’ furniture and home accessories, which include Ralph Lauren, Constantini Pietro, French Heritage, Charlston Forge among other big names in the world of modern design. Find the Vancouver showroom of Brougham located at 1855 Fir Street.

Inform Interiors is another successful Canada seller of modern furniture coming from international companies from all across the world. Inform Interiors focus on online selling; however, it has a couple of showrooms in the biggest cities of Canada, which includes Vancouver as well. Inform Interiors successfully blends furniture making with the art of design and they give you the chance to learn about contemporary designs and designers, thanks to their online publications.

These are some of the most outstanding modern furniture sellers and retails that are located in Vancouver, Canada. Their collections are unique and colourful and you will not ever happen to find the same piece of furniture at any of these two sellers. Check them out for great furniture or simply for some inspiration on modern home design.

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