Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress is used to get relief from painful joints, soreness and body aches. This type of mattress incorporates the NASA technology to provide numerous health benefits to the users. Memory foam mattress is made up of a material that is sensitive to temperature. Temperature sensitivity of the mattress allows it to adjust according to the body heat and weight of the user. When there is an increase in temperature, this mattress will become soft to provide a sound sleep. It relieves pressure from the body of the user, which helps the user to get relief from body aches or painful joints.

The points where you’re experiencing pain do have a higher temperature than other body parts. The mattress will adjust itself according to the temperature, which helps to recover the body quickly. Memory foam allows the user to achieve a suitable sleeping posture as it helps in the proper alignment of the spine. Authentic mattresses available in Canada are made out of visco-elastic, which matches the body shape to provide enough body support required. As the mattress is specially designed, it allows free flow of air through the material used. The free flow of air provides a cool feeling and prevents sweating.

While searching for a memory foam mattress in Canada, you have to consider certain factors before purchasing it. The most important factors to be considered while buying a memory foam mattress are size, density and ILD rating.

The size of the mattress should be according to the size of the cot, bedroom and budget. Most of these mattresses can be put on cots, but if you have a cot with wooden base, then it is recommended to have less than 2-3 inches space between the planks. Today, most mattresses available in the market are suitable to be used for a box type or divan type of cot. However, this type of mattress can be used without any additional support from the bottom.

Another important factor is the depth of the mattress. If the depth of the mattress is more, then it provides relief from pain, enough body support and sound sleep. ILD rating of the mattress indicates the density of the top layer (visco-elastic), not the mattress density as a whole. Authentic memory foam mattress uses only high resilience polyurethane foam as its supporting base. High density rating means that the top layer of the mattress consist of heavier visco-elastic memory foam. Higher density memory foam provides more support than the lower density memory foam mattress.

Your sleep will not get disturbed, even if the person sleeping next gets up from the bed as the mattress assures no transfer of movement. Memory foam mattress lasts much longer than the normal spring mattress. Based on the quality, it will last up to 5 -15 years. Most good brands assure 10 years with warranty. Mattress sale in Canada where you can find memory foam mattress are IKEA, Casper, SleepCountry, Sears, Costco, Octaspring, Tempur-Pedic, Mattress Direct, Amerisleep, Novosbet, BedinaBox, Simmons and KEETSA.

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