Luxury Leather Sofas

Leather furniture is definitely a great thing to own, generally in form of seating and lying furniture because it looks great, it’s generally easy to clean and it’s also extremely durable in the same time. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best examples of furniture stores in Canada that offer quality leather sofas.

Ashley Furniture
If you are looking for a brand that is really competitive on the market of leather furniture in Canada, then Ashley Furniture really is. Highly considered as an expert of leather furniture, in form of sofas, corner lounges, armchairs, chaises and everything seating or lying related, Ashley is a must visit, both online and also having a physical store in Calgary, Canada when you are looking for quality leather sofas in Canada.

Rossinis Furniture
Rossinis is Calgary’s one and only Italian furniture showroom offering a large collection of Italian leather furniture, most specifically sofas, corner lounge sets, modular sets, beds, chaises, armchairs, chairs and stools from multiple Italian brands. Apart from these, Rossinis has a large palette of home and office furniture and homeware on offer too.

McArthur Fine Furniture
McArthur is one of the largest dealers of leather furniture in Canada. The explanation to this is the high quality standards of McArthur and also that the brand is a retailer of over 15 Canadian and American brands each of which offers superb quality furniture, leather furniture and all in all sorts of classic home and patio furniture. Apart from leather, McArthur is also one rare furniture company that offers high quality iron furniture for the garden.

Kilian Furniture
Kilian Furniture is one special furniture brand in Calgary, Canada because it is the only local seller of the world famous Natuzzi Leather furniture with its high quality sofas coming straight from Italy. Here, you can get to find everything seating and sleeping related in form of overly trendy furniture. Kilian also deals with other European furniture and has great quality collections on offer.

Jacques Home Furnishing
Jacques Home is one of the oldest furniture company in Canada that specializes itself in selling high quality home furniture and today it also acts as a reseller of several international brands. Therefore, it is a great place to visit when you are looking for leather furniture. Jacques has lots of Italian furniture on offer, lots of leather sofas and other leather seating sets on offer which you wouldn’t normally find anywhere else so check out Jacques Home Furnishing in Calgary.

Ambers Furniture
Ambers is one of the most popular furniture stores in Calgary, Canada because it has a huge and diverse collection of home furniture on offer, it has affordable prices and also it has quality leather furniture on offer in good quality. Ambers sells only Canadian made furniture made which is also why it is a must-visit, when you are looking for leather furniture in Calgary, Canada.

Bracko Brothers
Bracko is another outstanding furniture brand based in Calgary, offering great quality leather furniture in form of sofas, corner lounges and further seating sets. They have a really exceptional number of leather sofas in their collection in different colours and sizes and therefore they are really ought to be checked out if you want to get quality leather furniture in Calgary, Canada.

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