Iron Furniture Vancouver

Iron furniture is not a typical type of furniture to use nowadays; however, it has definite beauty and other great features that make it a great choice if you want something special in your home. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best iron furniture makers and dealers of Vancouver, Canada.

Although not as popular and sought after as wood furniture, wrought iron furniture is still in use and it’s still produced for various types of furniture, which include garden furniture, the base for coffee tables ( they generally use iron base for marble coffee tables) and other items as well. Let us look at what sort of furniture can be made out of iron and where to find these in Vancouver, BC.

Miran’s Blacksmith Art
At Miran’s you can get to find a nice variety of iron items, they have a great and experienced team of blacksmith who make artistic style wrought iron furniture, accessories such as candle holders , chandeliers, mirrors and also fences, gates, window grilles, gazebos and balconies. The best thing is, they sell all their stuff for wholesale rates that make the company one of the most sought after when it comes to iron furniture and accessories.

JoJo’s Place
Jo Jo’s place is one of Main Street’s most popular vintage furniture stores and it is really highly visited for its nice variety of furniture, which also includes iron furniture or simply furniture made with the inclusion of iron. They do not deal with the manufacturing of furniture, they only act as resellers but they have a huge variety of furniture and accessories, coming from all over the world, therefore you can always count on finding something interesting in here. Check out their website for access details.

DTO Welding & Fabrication
DTO Welding is a specialist of custom-made wrought iron furniture, details and accessories in Vancouver. Not only they offer iron furniture they also deal with motorcycle frames, clothing and all sorts of artistic projects are included in their large portfolio of services. They might be slightly more technical in approach but they can create the iron furniture you long for in no time.

Iron Age Manufacturing
Iron Age deals with the manufacturing of old style wrought iron items in Vancouver, which includes chandeliers, balconies all sorts of grills for gates, for fireplace or for window, they are used to custom designing and they also do the installation for you. They offer beautiful iron furniture, seating sets for the garden and base for tables among others. They can provide you with a big help in designing when it comes to inspiriting ideas for custom furniture. Visit their website for contact details.

Iron Accents
Another great manufacturer of artistic iron furniture, Iron Accents deals with the production of beautiful iron furniture and it sells its items online. They have some designs so beautiful that really change your idea of “heavy” iron furniture. You can find here some of the largest selection of furniture which includes seating sets, wine tracks, shelves or beds, basically anything that can be made out of wrought iron. Check out their website for their gallery and contact details.

Check out these great furniture stores in Vancouver, Canada if you are looking for beautiful wrought iron furniture for your home or for your garden. Iron details can really bring a great change and beauty for any home.

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