Popular Interior Designers of Canada

Have we ever stopped to realize how our homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, lobbies and the many more infrastructures would be if we did not have interior designers in the world? The job of an interior designer has become so important these days that we often tend to forget about what makes everything look so beautiful. That exquisite lamp shade in the corner of your bed or the comfy recliner placed precisely near your office. These are the little details that help us to enjoy our lives only because someone thought it would be ideal to have them at that exact spot. These days almost every building or home or government building requires the assistance of an interior designer to help decorate it and make it look more beautiful and appealing.

Canada too has a wide range of design services that are usually provided with every furniture firm. If you visit any furniture store these days you will usually be greeted by a sales person who will in turn transfer you to an interior designer in case you are looking for something a little more specific. Interior designing has gained momentum for the last few years and is also considered to be a wonderful and highly paid career.

IDC or Interior Designers of Canada was founded in 1972 and is the one stop shop for all your design needs and for those who would like to pursue in the career as well. The IDC offers students a list of enrollment options if they would like to learn about interior designing, simultaneously they also provide customers with a wide range of dedicated and genuine interior designers from their members list. You can visit the IDC site for more details.

Some of Canada’s top interior designers include Elizabeth Metcalfe who believes in making a difference. She adores her client’s request no matter how small it may be. Her main intention is to help the client live better and fall in love with their home.

At Powell & Bonnell the team has been carefully selected to realize the client’s vision. David Powell and Fenwick Bonnell possess an extraordinary talent to translate their thoughts into line, word or subject. Laura Stein on the other hand epitomizes designs that are classic and luxurious with a contemporary edge. Their lists of clients include those who are looking for creativity, bespoke design and exquisite quality.

Jamie Alexander’s designer inspired interiors have a very industrial, rustic and a balance of elegant femininity in it. You can find a mix of classic forms, with modern and contemporary elements in it. Their traditional pieces are given a modern twist as well. They strive on the fact that different styles can be collaborated and layered to produce some of the most unique and inspirational interiors.

The Paul Raff Studio on the other hand is a place where art becomes life. They have dealt with projects both locally and internationally and are a well recognized firm in sustainable architecture, art, and design. Some of the other top interior designers in Canada include Burdifilek, Anna Duval, Williams Craig Design and 3 Tok Design.

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