Indian Furniture

In Canada, you can generally get everything coming from India for an affordable price, if you know the right places to look for them. The same goes for Indian furniture too which however not as easily reachable than other furniture is sold in Canada indeed. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best places to buy quality Indian Furniture with delivery to Canada.

Shikara Design
Shikara is the largest Indian furniture dealer in Australia that deals with all sorts of furniture and home ware, home textile, Shikara also offers quality Indonesian furniture and its collection is changing almost daily. The company offers online shopping and delivery to Canada. You can get to buy beautiful rarities on the website of Shikara and you can order them from right there. From bookshelves, to chairs, tables, audio units, kitchen furniture or bedroom furniture mainly made out of teak wood or rose wood. You can also get to find some beautiful rare wrought iron furniture in their collection. Next to furniture, Shikara also deals with the importing and selling of religious Hindu home-temples and religious statues too. They also offer Indian and Indonesian rugs and other home decoration items.

Antiques Direct
Antiques Direct is the online site of the Vancouver based business which sells all its antique items online and they have built out some of the largest market of antique furniture selling gathering antique, country and vintage furniture from all across the word. Their newest inclusion to their portfolio is their Oriental Antique furniture range, which includes Indian Furniture, Chinese furniture of all sorts. They offer Indian-British colonial antique furniture, Almirah, Tibari arches, copper and bronze home decor items and even doors. Check out the collection of Antiques Direct that can also deliver all bought furniture items to your door in Canada.

Art Asia Imports
Art Asia Imports is a very specific site that offers some of the largest variety of Indian furniture, also depending on their respective region producing an overly unique collection of antique oriental furniture. You can get to find the following styles and types of furniture in their collection: Sankheeda furniture, Rajasthani furniture and artworks. When it comes to the Indian artwork you can get to find in their collection, you can get to find beautiful Hindu temples, outstanding carved wood swings, iron and metallic furniture and so much more. You definitely should check out the unique collection of Art Asia Imports if you would like to buy high quality Indian furniture.

Rajasthan Furniture
Rajasthan Furniture is not a Canadian furniture store however it is one of the best out of the growing number of Indian furniture websites that are based in India but offer international shipping for their furniture. Rajasthan is also outstanding because its collection is among the largest ones online. From marble to silver, from Meenakari to Rajasthani, from mirror glass to camel bone furniture, you can get to find some of the most outstanding, unique Indian furniture on its website. They also offer traditional Indian wooden swings and naturally will offer you a quotation before you actually place your order. Check out Rajasthan Furniture that can deliver its furniture from India to your door in Canada.

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