Home Staging Companies in Vancouver

Home staging in itself is the basically the act of setting up / staging a home in order to put it up for sale. A lot of private residences these days use this technique in order to achieve better rates. The main goal of home staging to make your home look more appealing to the buyer by transforming it into an attractive product, something that you would only see in a catalogue in order to demand a higher rate. Initially staging a home for potential buyers always used to be the homeowners responsibility but ever since the recession in the late 2000’s this mode has turned into a full fledged business which makes owners do anything to sell their homes.

home staging VancouverThese days of course home staging has become an industry with companies even providing services to assist you with the home staging in order to get a good price for you home. If you are one of those who would prefer to home stage without the help of professionals then a few tips would include depersonalizing your home, by taking out pictures of your family and relatives you allow the buyer to picturize what it would be like if they lived in your home and help them to visualize their portraits. Another factor about self home staging is cleanliness, it is always important to portray a clean home no matter what especially the kitchen and the bathrooms. No buyer would like to see what goes on in your kitchen or bathrooms, hence it is always important to keep them clean.

But if you are someone who can afford the services of reputable firms then do not hesitate, one of the leading home staging services in Canada is provided by Dekora. At Dekora they believe that the first impression is always the best impression, hence they take great efforts in making properties more attractive, memorable and most importantly, desirable to home buyers. With the help of Dekora you will even be able to maximize the value of your property and achieve a faster sale. Dekora staff work closely with the individual homeowners, investors, realtors, builders and  developers in order to perfect their end product. Till date they have successfully completed thousands of homes and condos. Dekora has two branches in Canada, they are based in Vancouver and Calgary.

Revamp is our second choice of home staging service providers in Canada. Revamp boasts about the fact that they can turn any home into a showpiece which in turn helps the real estate agents to sell the property at its maximum potential and also sell it faster. So far Revamp has worked on properties throughout Vancouver’s West Side and Downtown and North Shore. Properties such as Condos, single-family homes, luxury penthouses and waterfront estates have all benefited from the services of Revamp. You can also avail the following services from Revamp – furnishing and styling vacant homes, show homes, and display suites. With their extensive knowledge of design and interiors gives them an upper hand. They seem to know exactly what the client seeks and what buyer’s desire. Hence, Revamp is definitely a place to check out.

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