Furniture Stores in Victoria BC

Furniture is an item that we all depend on a daily basis. Without furniture our lives would literally be an empty book. Whether it is being used as a place to relax or watch your favourite TV programme or to cook a meal, we all require at least a minimal piece of furniture at some point in our lives.

Sagers furnitureWhen it comes to finding that perfect set of furniture in Victoria, Sager’s is your number one location. Established way back in 1956, Sager’s has surely stolen the title of Vancouver Island’s favourite fine furniture store for over 50 years now. You can find only the best of the best at Sager’s in all types of furnishing bedroom, living room, dining room and home office. Their range of furniture alters between Traditional, Transitional and Modern styles. They have 12 unique displays with only the best in fabric and designs at their showroom. If you even need a consultant they would be happy to provide you with one for your next project.

Our next furniture shop started out as Norwalk Furniture in 1995 but over the years they grew they also decided to change their name to Luxe Home Interiors, this change made more sense since it suited the quality and style of the furniture they dealt with. Quality has and will always be a standard at Luxe. Their collection of furniture is thoughtfully selected from around the world – Canadian made dining tables, American crafted upholstery or the hand knotted Indian rugs. Each and every piece of furniture has a close inspection before it is delivered to your home. Their talented set of in house design team is always ready to help you convert your inspiration into reality. If they is a piece of furniture that you would like designed or even decorate an entire room, these designers can work out a plan for you to visualize.

A furniture store that needs no introduction is of course Dodd’s. Started way back in 1977 with a 2500sqft store Dodd’s was launched by Gordy Dodd himself. 30 years later and with 35,000sqft of showroom space Dodd’s has truly become one of the most popular furniture destinations on the island. The Dodd’s furniture campaign has always been a stand out commercial starring Gordy Dodd himself. These commercials have brought Dodd’s a long way making it a go to place for all your furniture needs. You will truly be amazed at the number of options available at Dodd’s. Some of the main factors that make Dodd’s stand apart from their competition are – They do not undersell, they maintain a quick delivery timeline, they offer various finance schemes and they also care about the community and its people.

You could also visit the following furniture shops in Victoria if you desire something a little more specific – Wood Craft Furniture, Parc Modern, Studio Y design and Chintz & Company. Or if you are still up for a little exploring then there are a lot more furniture stores that you could browse for online in the island.

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