The Best Furniture Stores in Halifax

Halifax has always been a calm city from all the other bustling cities of Canada. Halifax is filled with almost every possible store that is needed in a growing city including a wide range of furniture stores. So, explore the leading furniture and home decor shopping destinations of Halifax!

And when we speak about furniture the first brand that comes to mind is Geddes Furniture who have been around since 1982. The beauty about the furniture that Geddes produces is that they are all custom made and usually they are made from their priced 2” thick Virginia North Carolina black cherry wood. Their custom designs usually range from linear contemporary to robust traditional. Two stand out features that can be found only in the Geddes pieces are the dove tailed drawers and centre legs for their large dining tables. And if you are interested in a little display every Friday evening their original furniture is brought into the showroom and showcased.

P9 Furniture or Project 9 Furniture is an extraordinary brand in the furniture world. Their store is filled only with the most special and unique pieces of furniture. As you can see from their website you will notice a very distinctive method of catalogue display which draws the customer to click on the little blocks. They have brands from all over the world and some that are just there to fill in that little corner in your house. P9 are truly one of a kind and deserve a similar kind of audience.

Attica, as the name suggests is all about the clean, contemporary and the beautiful. Created in 1995 by Christopher Joyce and Suzanne Saul, Attica was invented to offer customers a unique selection of manufactured and handmade items. Chris is an award winning furniture designer himself who creates a one-of-a-kind limited edition and works with steel and other materials. So if you are looking for something a little more sophisticated for your home then Attica is the place for you. From upholstered and leather sofas, to solid maple dining sets, you can find almost anything exquisite that you desire.

For all you European art lovers there is Bellissimo Living, a place for all things European. Started by Karyn McCombe Bellissimo was an inspiration of her encounter with quiet beauty, elegance and glamour of the furniture and lighting while travelling to Italy and France. Initially Bellissimo only catered to the sale of antique pieces but eventually they have expanded to charming accessories and stunning furnishing as well.

If you are looking for something that is real and reliable then Kew’s is the place for you. Began by the duo Ray Frizzell and David McQuaid Kew Furniture is all about the clean, simple, modern” design, that leans a little edgy too. Frizell also claims that he personally owned one of the couches they sell and it looks as good as new even a year and half later. At the Kew showroom you will find stylish but livable furniture. Their main goal is to focus on products that are accessible in price and functionality.

Halifax also has a lot more furniture choices like Sears, Surplus Furniture, Ashley Furniture, Jordan’s Furnishings and Worldwide Furniture.

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