Top Furniture Stores of British Columbia

What is the one thing that makes your house a home, furniture! And every piece of furniture that is added in your home makes it more and more homely. From the province of British Columbia comes a range of brands and manufacturers who produce and possess some of the best in furniture. So, explore the leading furniture and home decor shops of BC!

Starting with Valley Direct Furniture, the first thing you notice about Valley Direct is “The Chair”, standing at 24” high and weighing around 2 tons the chair is one of the major attractions at the store. It is made out of solid Douglas fir and has already been featured in several roadside attractions and websites. At Valley Direct you will notice that the product line keeps changing, this is due to the fact that they shop and stock their furniture from around the world in addition to many of the locally manufactured goods. From contemporary to traditional Valley Direct has it all.

Our next stop is Urban Barn, which derived its name from their early store which resembled a barn. They have over 40 stores across Canada servicing customers. Their range is wide and they carry a host of quality furniture, home décor and accessories. Whether you need to decorate your condo or just a room, Urban Barn has the perfect set of furniture to detail your home with sophistication and comfort. Their knowledgeable staffs are always there to help and assist you in making a decision. Urban Barn claims that if you love your home you are bound to love their store as well. This is the perfect place for a style conscious shopper to find their dream furniture.

MJM Furniture is surely a trustworthy name when it comes to searching for high quality, finely crafted furniture. You can always find something for every décor that you desire – formal, modern, contemporary and traditional. MJM has been a family owned business since 1987 and has 3 branches all over Canada to serve you.

CB2 is a company that started out with basically nothing. A single’s man dream turned into reality. Gordon and Carole Segal began this business in 1962 after they were amazed by all the simple and affordable things they had purchased for their home. And since no store had the items they were ready to sell, this seemed like the perfect business to commence, and from them on there was no turning back.  CB2 is a destination for customers who are seeking affordable yet modern furnishings. Even though 50 years have passed Crate and Barrel is still known as the place you can head down to where the staff is warm and friendly and where the people are always made to feel comfortable.

The Old Cannery or better known as Rustic Woodcraft has been a family owned business since 1980. Initially known as the Oak Market, they have been constantly changing their look in order to keep up with the changing trends. Most of their suppliers are catalogued online and offered directly to the customers. They main aim is to get your furniture to your home in pristine condition. So do call or email them anytime you would like to enquire about a piece or set of furniture.


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