Furniture Shopping in Montreal

A home does not feel like a home until it has been fully furnished with the best pieces of furniture that a heart desires. Each bed or sofa that consumes one’s home is handpicked and clearly shows the thought that has gone behind choosing that particular piece of furniture.

Canada too has a wide range of furniture stores in every city but when it comes to the city of Montreal the number one place to be is the Euro Style Furniture store. They are the key to high end modern and contemporary furniture which is imported directly from Europe. At Euro Style you are bound to be carried away by the exclusivity of their designs and the fact that you can also have a made to order product that customizes to your liking is truly an advantage. You could either browse through their website to view and purchase their furniture online or even better head out to their store in Montreal where you can meet up with one of their interior designers who is bound to provide you with quality service.

Now being an interior designer can be a hard job , but where does one go when you have the need to set up your own home, look no further, Avenue Design is the place for you. This stylishly designed showroom is believed to resemble a jewel like oasis in Montreal. What started out as a boutique 20 years ago specializing only in drapes and upholstery has now expanded to high quality furniture and accessories at affordable prices too. Most of their designs are internationally influenced. Hence this is the perfect place for style conscious interior designer or a homeowner who value these designs.

If you are looking for literally a wide range of furniture then be sure to visit Linton, the store boasts about having over 150 catalogues which gives having a choice a whole new meaning. At Linton you can also enjoy expert free advice on decorating your home. Linton Furniture was founded way back during the Second World War and since then they have become a household name, basically a place where one can run to find anything they desire when it comes to buying a piece of furniture or even an accessory.

Next in line of stores to buy home decor in Montreal is Meuble Liquidation, like any other furniture store they also have a wide range of collections when it comes to variety. You can either purchase their furniture online or visit either of the two stores that are located in Montreal. They also offer free shipping for orders above $500.

If you are looking for a very authentic and European style of furniture then Stacaro is the place for you. Everyone who visits Stacaro is in for a treat because with every turn at the store you are greeted with an array of fine and elegant furniture which is truly a one of a kind shopping experience.

Also you could even check out the other popular furnishing stores in Montreal which include Artemano, Mobilia, Euro Style Furniture and the ever lasting Costco!

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