Furniture Rental Calgary

Furniture rental is not really widely discussed however it exists for several reasons. The most common reasons for renting furniture includes : authentic furniture to make a free-estate more attractive for the customers, furniture for movie –sets, furniture for offices which do not want to spend lots of money for furniture in the first go and finally furniture for special events, exhibitions, parties and fairs. Let’s see some of the most well known companies offering furniture rental in Calgary, Canada.

Egro Group offers furniture for sale, for rent and also offers furniture repair services. The company is among the biggest furniture rental companies in Calgary and they mostly offer furniture rental for banquet, event, exhibition and even cafeteria and bar furniture. Check out their website for their gallery of contemporary style furniture they offer for rent or for sale.

Aarons specialises on those, who would like to furnish a flat for stay. This can occur if one finds him/herself in the situation of staying or having an entirely empty flat for a couple of weeks, therefore needs to get furniture as soon as possible for as less money as possible. Aarons has nice, stylish furniture for every room and counts with weekly rates. Check out their website for more information on furniture rental in Calgary, Canada.

Stageright Calgary is an interesting agency with a specialization in staging and furniture rental. Staging is the specific process that comes from the US and it is basically used to make a property all the more attractive on the real estate market. Indeed staging can make the price of a home a lot more, just because the clients can see what they could possibly bring out of that flat. Stageright mostly deals with antique to trendy style furniture and works with top interior designers to capture the atmosphere of the property and match it with the best possible furniture to make the place look as trendy or classy as possible. As their inventory is extra large they also rent furniture. Check out their inventory on their website.

Rent a Centre is a popular company that deals with a very complex service, and next to furniture rental, it also rents out all and any type of appliances, electronics and even computers. They also offer delivery and set-up services and they have a credit-check-free payment and also several payment options clearly for those who need to temporary rent furniture. Rent-a-Centre has nice attractive furniture for every room of a home. Check them out, as they are quite affordable for a furniture rental.

Furniture Connection offers trendy furniture in diverse style and colour in a large range. You can browse from 1000 pieces of furniture in their inventory. Next to furniture rental Furniture Connection also deals with staging of properties for selling reasons. Furniture Connection also has furniture for sale on offer.

Office Concepts is a company that is specialized in furniture rental for offices of all sorts which makes them one of the very few from among the rental agencies which deal with this segment of furniture rental. Next to rental, Office Concepts also deals with furniture selling and the selling of used furniture.

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