French Furniture Calgary

France is one of main hubs of style and fashion in the world serving as a huge inspiration for everyone no matter we talk about old or modern style and art. France is also one pioneer in terms of modern artworks and designs and we can clearly see this in the world of furniture making. When we talk about French furniture, we mean the old French Antique, the Provence Country style and also the new contemporary furniture designs serving as a large inspiration for several furniture makers. Let’s see what we can get to find in Calgary, when looking for French furniture.

Country Furniture
Country Furniture gets a large inspiration from French country furniture offering lots of fantastic pieces which are either real or reproduction. Country Furniture is a family business and it has been serving the Calgary and Vancouver regions of Canada with its unique style furniture. At Country Furniture, you can get to find lots of inspiration to re-create or even to refresh your home with something new and unique. Country Furniture offers furniture for bedroom, living room, dining room, industrial and antiques and home office and they have a large collection of home accessories too.

Chintz & Co. Furniture
The furniture of Chintz is a fantastic example of both French Country and French classic or antique style furniture. Their collection is simply amazing; therefore, it is no wonder that Chintz is the haven of most Canadian fans of French furniture having locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria. Each store of Chintz is like a travel back in the past. Apart from furniture, there are tons of décor items, home accessories, kitchenware and even jewellery and garden accessories. You can really furnish a French style mansion, maison or a real boudoir with the furniture of Chintz.

Restoration Hardware
Another great example for French country style RH Furniture offers a great range of attractive looking furniture, which is imported from either France or act as inspirational items to bring the aura of French country in your home. Just like Chintz, Restoration Hardware is not a cheap store but you can get to find such furniture here, especially when talking about those pieces that were restored by the brand in a very unique way, which you won’t be able to find elsewhere. When in Calgary, you ought to visit the showroom of RH for inspiration or for buying few unique French furniture for your home.

Melange for the Home
Located in the downtown of Calgary, Melange for the Home looks like a typical French style store which is a real treasure cove for finding something unique for your home, let it be French furniture or a French decoration item this little store has just so much on offer that it is already a huge favourite for all fans of French furniture and French style. Take a trip to France through the store of Melange for the Home and get back home with some gorgeous finds.

Roche Bobois
Roche Bobois perfectly mirrors the never-ending desire of French to be ahead of trends and to create these instead of following someone else’s. The French furniture manufacturer has been producing furniture in France since the 1920’s and today, they are one leading international brands of modern French furniture. The brand works with a great deal of designers, each one of which take inspiration from different cultures, eras and object, therefore you can get to find lots of collections here, which are entirely different. Roche Bobois is outstanding in terms of style and we greatly suggest you to check it out in Calgary, Canada.

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