Contemporary is Awesome

Contemporary furniture is often labelled as modern furniture although it is slightly more than that. Under contemporary furniture, we often mean both modern and the so-called transitional furniture, which is the daily style furniture most people prefer to buy when it comes to furnishing their homes. In our article, we would like to represent you a couple of brands that offer contemporary furniture in Canada.

Crave Furniture
Crave Furniture offers comfortably stylish contemporary furniture in its collections, most of which comes from Italy. Therefore the brand has some of the best Italian sofas and seating sets in town, mostly made with high quality leather covering. However here, you are guaranteed to find furniture for the whole home, from the bedroom to the dining room and Crave even offers quality home office and executive office furniture. Check out the quality contemporary furniture collections of Crave Furniture which is trendy and cosy in the same time.

Urban Barn
Urban Barn is one of the biggest Canadian sellers of stylish contemporary furniture with lots of classic and country designs included in its collections. Offering outstanding sofa sets coming in every style, size and colour modern and classic storage solutions, Urban Barn very stylishly blends the old with the new to create a great, warm outlook, which is so beloved by many. Not only does Urban Barn offer furniture for the whole home, it also has outstanding collections of home décor items, wallpapers, linen, pillows, drapery and rugs you can find just anything home-related in the showroom of Urban Barn.

Interior Living
Interior Living is one of the most popular contemporary furniture stores in Calgary, Canada because it has such a great diversity of furniture coming from a large number of suppliers from all around the world. This makes the showroom of Interior Living outstanding because you can get to find so many styles, shapes and forms of furniture over there. Interior Living also offers custom upholstery and home decor items in extra colourful variations. Choose the style most convenient for you at Interior Living.

IKEA Canada
There is no better example to contemporary furniture than IKEA that acts as a trendsetter in terms of today’s contemporary furniture. IKEA has it all, when it comes to design, both for those who like modern furniture and for those who rather go for the classic blends. With a huge selection of also kitchen and bathroom furniture, no wonder that most people go to IKEA first if they think of recreating or renovating a home. Check out the website of IKEA for the latest trends and interior design ideas coming straight from Sweden to Canada.

Leon’s Furniture
Leon’s Furniture offers a huge selection of contemporary furniture from the living room to furnishing a home office. The brand offers attractive furniture collections, an extra upholstery service and lots of homeware and home decor items in addition. Leon’s has really affordable prices, therefore it is one of Canada’s most popular furniture stores offering free delivery. Leon’s also offers home appliances in addition to its furniture collections and it’s more than worth checking out.

Surplus Furniture
Surplus is another popular brand offering a huge range of contemporary furniture and wooden furniture in its collections with lots of varieties coming both in classic, transitional and modern styles. Surplus has lots of discounts and extras. Surplus is specialized in dining room, bedroom and living room furniture, has a wide selection of sofas and other seating options and it also offers lighting and further home decoration items. Surplus is one of the cheapest contemporary furniture stores in the country; therefore, it is overly popular for everyone to visit.

Amber’s Furniture
Highly touted for its large diversity of home furniture, Amber’s is one of the most popular sellers of wooden contemporary furniture in Canada. Offering solely Canadian made furniture in its collections Amber’s offers quality furniture for every room in a home and always has some great discounted items on offer for those with less budget. Check out Amber’s Furniture in Calgary for quality wooden contemporary furniture.

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