Classic OAK Furniture

Oak furniture has an utmost respect in the furniture industry and also among the customers and with all the good reasons. Oak is one of the best types of wood used for furniture making and its qualities make it an absolute must-have when it comes to durable furniture. Oak as a solid wood is traditionally used for the making of British Victorian and Country furniture, French country furniture and also Amish furniture. The good qualities of oak include its extreme durability, its resistance to insects, worms and fungus. Let us see the most popular furniture companies offering oak furniture in Calgary.

Deine Heim
Deine Heim is one Calgary based furniture company that is specialized in the manufacturing of high quality oak furniture and Amish furniture. Their brown to dark chocolate brown furniture collections can make any home look warm and cosy and last but not least, they are guaranteed to last for decades. Deine Heim provides furniture for every room of a home in Calgary, Canada.

Hotzon Furniture
Hotzon Furniture offers classic oak furniture collections and Amish furniture collections coming especially in darker tones for the whole home. They only use FSC guaranteed oak and further solid wood in their furniture all of which is manufactured in Canada. Their style is simple classic, Shaker style Amish that looks classic yet contemporary in the same time. They have an extensive variety of bookcases, tables, TV stands and coffee tables, whole collections for the bedroom and for the living room and their home office collections are also really remarkable. Hotzon is sold via Country Living Furnishings and Design in Calgary, Canada.

Mc Arthur Furnishings
Mc Arthur Furnishings offers a wide array of oak furniture in its collections that are provided by over 15 local and international furniture manufacturers, all of which provide quality home furniture. From country to contemporary, from antique feel to classic, you can get to find all these styles all in one place: at Mc Arthur Furnishings in Calgary, Canada.

Prestige Solid Wood
As you can see out of its name, Prestige is a furniture making company that is specialized in solid wood furniture and as so, you can get to find plenty of oak furniture in its collections. Prestige also deals with solid wood Amish-Mission style furniture and it is one of the most popular furniture companies in Calgary, Canada. Check out the extensive collection of Prestige for every room of a homecoming for an affordable price.

Country Living Furnishings and Design
Country Living Furnishings and Design is one of the most remarkable oak furniture dealers in Calgary, being the retailer of over 6 quality furniture brands offering diverse collections ranging from French country to modern contemporary style furniture. Check out the showroom of Country Living Furnishings where you are welcome to browse from among the diverse styles and ranges of furniture the brand has on offer.

Camlen Furniture
Camlen Furniture offers overly attractive and friendly country style and classic oak furniture. Their collections for the dining room and living room are especially outstanding and can really transform a home into a classic country haven. Camlen’s official retail in Calgary is Country Living Furnishings. Check out the website of Camlen to browse from among the extensive collections of this remarkable furniture brand.

Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware is a premiere furniture store that offers lots of overly unique furniture coming both in country and in classic style. They have an outstanding range of reclaimed oak furniture, which includes beautiful rustic tables, seats, chairs, bookshelves and many things more. The company deals with restoration of used furniture coming primarily from Europe and as such, it is a real treasure island for the fans of classic and country style oak furniture.

Country Furniture
Another outstanding dealer of restored country and classic style furniture Country Furniture has the specialty of recreating oak in form of beautiful solid wood furniture. Their collection is really diverse and includes lots of specialties which makes this furniture company a must-visit, in Calgary, Canada.

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