Classic Furniture Shopping in Vancouver

It is not easy to categorize what classic furniture really means as it can have a different meaning from store to store. Classic furniture is generally hardwood furniture made in such a classic style that stands above any trend, or to say in another way, it is always trendy. Favourite subtypes of classic furniture include British Country, Country Furniture and Vintage furniture. Let us represent you with some of the most popular classic furniture shopping in the city of Vancouver, Canada.

Classic furniture is very popular to buy in Vancouver as well and as the city has a huge furniture trading business, you can be sure to find plenty of great stores selling different style of classic furniture from the save to the spree category. Let us see some of these in our list this time:

JR Furniture is a great classic furniture warehouse that sells all sorts of US home furniture in large variety of collections and for affordable prices. You can get to find great sets for living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, youth furniture and diverse entertainment and multimedia sets as well. JR Furniture is one of the most popular furniture stores of Vancouver because it sells cheap yet quality furniture and apart from buying their furniture online; you can get to find its showroom at 2967 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver.

Abe’s furniture is a very popular family owned store, which is famous for its great handmade and custom-made wood furniture in different classic styles. Abe’s produces classic furniture in every room of your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom, you can get to find something for every space. This is a great store to check out and it is located at 1599 Venables street.

Sandy’s Furniture is a very popular wood furniture seller and producer of quality classic furniture. Yet the collection that we would like to outline this time is its Simply Amish collection, which is one of the greatest examples of great classic forms carved out of high quality wood with the signature Amish guarantee of being all-handmade. Check out this formidable collection at Sandy’s showroom located at Coquitlan, in the outskirts of Vancouver.

Country Furniture is one of the most popular classic furniture store of Vancouver, selling country style classic furniture in Vancouver. Apart from its great sofa and corner lounge seat sets, you can get to find some unique pieces of furniture here for every space of your home, including also outdoors furniture. Country Furniture also sells custom-made furniture and they have a smaller collection of antiques too. Check out the showroom of Country Furniture located at Granville Street downtown Vancouver and has another store located at North Vancouver that you can find at Marine Drive.

These are some of the most popular classic furniture stores, which you can find in Vancouver, Canada. If you are so lucky to have a huge amount of money which you are determined to spend on buying the best premiere quality classic furniture, pay a visit at the showroom of Chintz and L’Atelier both of which you can get to find in the downtown of Vancouver.

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