Classic Furniture Canada

Nowadays it is hard to categorize classic furniture as there are so many new styles and new names under the sun. All in all, classic furniture can be anything rustic, anything long-lasting and also the furniture we can also get to see best in family movies, which bring a warmth and friendliness in any home. Let’s see some of the best examples for this in our article.

Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn is one of the best examples of classic furniture and by far one of the best places where you can hunt for a couple of furniture items that will instantly turn your home into a classic and warm place. Pottery Barn has some of the most extensive collection of country and classic style furniture in Toronto; however, it is also considered one of the most expensive brands on the market. However, you have the chance to get some rare finds much cheaper, if you constantly check out its “sales” section from time to time. Pottery Barn has a showrooms in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto, but you can also get to buy anything straight from its website.

Camlen Furniture
If you are looking for beautiful classic furniture, then you ought to check out the collections of Camlen Furniture. The showroom of the brand represents us with several outstanding examples of classic furniture pieces that help you to transform your home into a classic, friendly place. Check out its lovely dining room sets, its bookshelves, its living room collections with its outstanding leather seating sets for getting inspired by the furniture of Camlen Furniture which also offers French and British style country furniture and antique furniture too. The brand is based in Knowlton, Quebec.

Hotzon Furniture
Hotzon offers Canadian-made solid wood furniture and it is one very popular brand in Calgary, Canada. If you like the darker shades of brown, you will really like the furniture of Hotzon which is extra durable and very classic in looks. Check out its living room entertainment units and bookshelves, its dining tables, bedroom collections and home office sets. Their store is located in Langley, BC.

Country Living Furnishings
Country Living Furnishings is really the Calgary haven for those looking for classic furniture. They have a really extensive variety of furniture, acting as a retailer of many Canadian furniture brands, all of which offer high quality solid wood furniture or fantastic leather and textile sofa and corner lounge seating sets. With Country Living, you can really furnish a whole home and turn it to an overly friendly place.

McArthur Furniture
If you are looking for classic furniture, then you shouldn’t miss out on visiting McArthur Furniture as it is one of the largest dealers of locally made and imported classic and country style furniture that look just perfect in any home. Mc Arthur acts as a retailer for over 15 furniture brands that makes its collection overly big and very diverse. Browse through the outstanding collections of Mc Arthur Furniture for any and every room, in its stores in Airdrie and Calgary.

Bracko Brothers
Another outstanding furniture brand well worth checking out in Calgary is the Bracko Brothers that act as a retail of lots of unique classic furniture brands, which include Simply Amish or CR Lane both being the manufacturers of classic and country furniture made out of high quality solid wood. If you are dreaming of a classic home then check out the exquisite collections of Bracko Brothers for the living room, dining room, bedroom, home office and even kids room.

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