Buying Japanese Furniture

Japanese art and design is really different from anything else. No wonder that Japan is the birthplace of the most contemporary and overly futuristic works of art, still staying ergonomic getting its inspiration out of natural elements, plants and subjects. In our article we would like to introduce you to some of the best places to check out, when it comes to buying real Japanese furniture in Canada.

Green tea Design
Green Tea Design deals with antique and vintage furniture, Japanese furniture, Chinese and Korean furniture more specifically. Here you can get to find lots of specialties in furniture making which you have never seen before. Stuffed with lots of interesting items, for every room of your flat Green Tea Design is definitely a place to visit when you are looking for unique Japanese furniture in your home.

Sacred Journey Home & Garden Boutique
This store is definitely a unique store specialised in Asian home and garden furniture, bringing these from several countries of Asia. Therefore, you can get to find high quality wicker and cane furniture in its showroom, rare Japanese furniture, Chinese wooden furniture and lots more. The furniture of Sacred Journey is definitely alone standing, alongside the store’s wide collection of Asian home ware and home accessories, to make your flat look unique. Check the showroom of Sacred Journey out on the above address for more details.

Oriental Furniture
Oriental Furniture is a specialist of Asian antique furniture and they have lots of unique and overly memorable pieces on offer with great designs and forms. If you are looking for quality Asian furniture, then Oriental Furniture is a great place to visit. Apart from Japanese furniture and Korean furniture, they also offer Chinese furniture, Fibre furniture, fine lacquer furniture, rosewood furniture in huge amounts. Oriental Furniture has lots of surprise for you when you want to get a real statement piece of furniture in any of your rooms. Check them out for outstanding designs. OF is not a cheap store, but due to its specialty and great quality, it is considered one of the most popular oriental furniture stores in Calgary, Canada. Just to add, Oriental Furniture has always some great discount on several items which changes daily.

Modern Furniture Canada
Modern Furniture is one furniture stores that have some of the most modern furniture designs coming from all over the world, which also includes Japanese furniture or Japanese inspired furniture. Check out their collection if you are fond of modern furniture in Calgary, Canada.

Silk Road Collection
Silk Road Collection is one of the most popular places to look for Japanese furniture and furniture coming from all across Asia, including China, Korea and South East Asia. The store only deals with antique and use furniture selling them in great numbers. Visiting the store is a great inspiration and you could love to get one or two signature pieces of furniture in your home.

Tim Ewart Custom Designs
Tim Ewart deals with high profile Japanese furniture and Japanese furniture and interior design items which can be formed to be incorporated into any flat’s any sort of furniture used as sliding door/wall too. The company has been dealing with Japanese furniture for a long time and on its website, you can get to find interesting information on the contemporary pieces of furniture it is selling. Check out Tim Ewart Custom Designs to be inspired and to purchase some great quality furniture in Vancouver.

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