Best Crib Mattress

Choosing the best crib mattress in Canada for your baby is not an easy job as you have to do it very carefully. The safety of your baby is the major concern while choosing a mattress. Babies spend their time mostly in sleeping. Hence, it is important to use the best crib mattress in Canada for their cribs, so that the babies can sleep comfortably to enjoy a healthy body. A crib mattress should possess various qualities. You should disregard the looks and colour of the mattress, but should be concerned about the materials used to manufacture the mattress.

Most of the local crib mattresses are manufactured using toxic materials that are potentially dangerous for the babies. Babies will be breathing while they are sleeping on the mattress and unknowingly they will breath in the toxins present in the mattress for over 10 hours per day. Crib mattresses that have used materials like vinyl, polyurethane foam, chemical fire retardants, wool or latex, and phosphates should be avoided. According to the standards set by CPSC, crib mattresses should have a firm and flat surface. You should buy a mattress certified with GREENGUARD SELECT, which is made out of organic material.

The mattress selected can be manufactured out of organic cotton, wool and pure latex material. The crib mattress Canada should be covered with the safest waterproofing material. To ensure best night sleep for your baby, you can also buy a mattress pad of right size. Crib mattress pad is available in different sizes and shapes. These pads provide a comfortable sleep to the baby. Before purchasing a crib mattress, you should understand the dimensions of the crib because mattresses are available in different dimensions. The sizes and dimensions vary from one brand to another. An average dimension for the crib mattress is 52 inches length, 28 inches width and a depth of 6 inches.

You should buy a one piece mattress, not the one that can be made into pieces. The mattress you buy should be folded easily without any breakage or bends in order to carry to long distances. Since crib mattress is used by babies, it should be cleaned regularly. Hence, these mattresses should have enough strength to undergo washing and cleaning. Never purchase too small or too large mattress as large mattress may cause the baby to fall off and injure himself and small mattress let the baby to crawl under it that cause accidents.

It is healthy to choose a mattress with a top microbial layer, which prevents the microbes to live in the mattress. Microbes normally grow on the baby’s spit or urine that may fall on the mattress. Hence, always buy a mattress that can be cleaned regularly. You can find a whole lot of stores for crib mattress in Canada. Some of these stores that provide good quality crib mattress are Sears, Costco, IKEA, Sealy, Oh Simple Baby, Crocodile Baby, Treehugger, Organic Mattress, Lussobaby, and many more. Carefully select the best crib mattress in Canada to make the future of your baby happy.

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