Beautiful Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is a real treasure and when handled properly it is also a long lasting investment for you. Mirroring the style of the past centuries, today, there are several fans of quality antique furniture also in Canada. There are lots of antique dealers who offer their large stock of antique furniture coming especially from Europe and Asia. In our article we would like to represent you with some of the most outstanding antique furniture stores in Canada, most of which also deal with quality furniture restoration.  Before you start your search, learn a bit about antique furniture and always try to find trusted dealers so that you do not end up buying an antique – reproduction instead of the original thing.

Heirloom Antiques
Heirloom is one of the best antique dealers of Calgary, Canada. They have a great expertise in both antique and vintage style furniture and you can make sure that you will buy the real thing when you buy furniture at them. They are more than willing to help you in your exploration from the furniture style of the 1800’s to the vintage style of 1960’s there is a great deal of furniture in their grand showroom. Apart from antique furniture, they also deal with antique and vintage toys, sterling silver, crystal, porcelain sets and figurines, glass sets and figurines, antique and vintage clocks, cameras and also vintage toys. They have some of the largest collection of antique furniture in the whole city and it is well worth visiting them.

Despite their funny name, Junktiques is in real antiques. Founded by couple David and Marie Kaufman Junktiques is a great family business with both founders being avid fans of antique and country style furniture that they purchase upon their trips all around the world, with their latest collection bought from Eastern Europe and Russia. Junktiques also offers beautiful French Canadian antique furniture, even Amish, Dutch, French and British country furniture. They also offer items which are beautifully restored by them and which come in original colours or with an additional twist to them. Junktiques is a great antique furniture store which is well worth checking out in Calgary, Canada.

Antiques by Design
Antiques by Design is a very original antique furniture store. Canada with a rare specialization in offering British and French Canadian colonial antique furniture, beautiful pieces of Victorian furniture and of course much more. They have a large showroom located in the outskirts of the city and their collection is always changing. At Antiques by Design, you can browse furniture according to the room that you would like to have a beautiful antique addition. What is really worth checking out is the antique office/library furniture and their further objet d’arts such as porcelain sets, glass decorations and even vintage toys. Antiques by Design is a high quality store, which is more than worth checking out for fantastic antique furniture.

Uniquities is a very interesting sort of store which deals with antique and vintage style furniture but apart from that, they also deal with architectural salvage items, that include even chimneys, fireplaces, lighting instruments, French style tiles, doors, stones , accessories, all in all everything home and house related which you can imagine. Their specialization is in French and Canadian French style vintage and antique furniture and they have an extra large collection on offer that you can also get to see on their website. Uniquities is great when you would like to find something rare but you ought to check their site or showroom pretty oft because their furniture is sold out so quickly.

If you are looking for antiques, check out also Chintz, Dasan Interiors and the website Kijiji to find even more antique furniture in Canada on affordable prices!