Bathroom Furniture Canada

Quality bathroom furniture is a happiness for the whole family, no matter how much space we exactly have to create a quality bathroom in a home. For inspiration and for buying ideas we would like to represent you with some of the best bathroom furniture stores in Canada.

Pottery Barn
If you like classic country style furniture and British country style then you will instantly fall in love with the high quality furniture of Pottery Barn. They make furniture in an extreme variety and also in a wide range of palette in terms of colours. If you dream of a beautiful classic bathroom then you will just love the bathroom furniture at Pottery Barn. No matter you have a smaller or a larger space available, you are guaranteed to find the perfect bathroom at Pottery Barn in Canada.

Restoration Hardware
Much in the same style as Pottery Barn but in rather French country style, classic furniture fans will surely fall in love with the exquisite bathroom furniture of Restoration Hardware. Featuring a wide array of styles and sizes, you can get to find a diverse range of bathroom furniture in here from the rustic Victorian style to the “industrial” style simplified collections with each one of them looking really attractive in their own way. Check out RH furniture for creating an entirely unique bathroom.

EMPIRE Bathroom Furniture
Empire offers very nice ranges of bathroom furniture in three leading styles, naming them traditional, transitional and contemporary. If you check out their bathroom showroom you will see that they really offer some very unique furniture and bathroom solutions which are overly inspiring. Next to bathroom furniture they also offer tiles and  stones of over ten international brands and they also have their own plumbing and lighting arrangement services.

Designers Choice
Designers Choice is a great new company that has fresh ideas for the interior design of bathrooms and they are always keen to come up with unique solutions, to create a real personal and customized bathroom, depending on the exact place and of course on the taste of the owners. Check out Designers’ Choice if you need fresh ideas and inspiration to recreate your bathroom.

JYSK Canada
JYSK is a great place to buy classic and contemporary bathroom furniture for a very affordable price. JYSK is therefore one of the most popular furniture stores to visit in Calgary, Canada. They feature a pretty large variety of both bathroom storage furniture and accessories, such as shower curtains, bathmats, towels and laundry hampers too. Check out JYSK for a great bargain shopping of bathroom furniture in the major cities of Canada.

Lowe’s Furniture
If you want to buy everything in the same place, from bathroom storage furniture, to bathroom sinks, showers and bathtubs then there is no better place to go for you than in Lowe’s which is by far the largest seller of bathroom furniture in Calgary, Canada. Lowe’s is perfect for those who are just building their house and also for those who would like to entirely renovate their bathroom. Lowe’s offers highly affordable prices and good quality products alongside a wide range of accessories in its bathroom furniture range.

Vanity Calgary Bathrooms
Vanity Calgary was founded by a couple of brave designers who would like to make the home fresher with great, modern bathroom designs, which they offer for any size of bathroom, from the smallest to the largest, thanks to their great, contemporary design and unique solutions. Check out this Calgary furniture store if you would like to refresh the style of your bathroom and make it look original.