Stylish Bathroom Designs from Vancouver

Finding the perfect company to take care of your bathroom set up can be quite tricky since the bathroom is a place which is rather private and very few people like to listen to what you have to say but not the following set of companies, these companies would go all out of their way to help customers set their bathroom exactly the way they would have imagined it.

Let’s begin with Lonetree Kitchens and Bathrooms, since 1970 the award winning design team at Lonetree have been specializing in creating exceptional kitchens and bathrooms. With their years of experience, knowledge and passion for design you can be sure that they will create exclusive new living spaces that will leave you excited. Their true dedication to serving your needs includes both design and complete project management of your  renovation which in turn means that you can be rest assured that your job will be done on time and within the respective budget too without any hassles. If you have an idea that you would love to convert into reality then Lonetree is the place for you. Thanks to their strong relationship with selected local and international suppliers they are able to offer you innovative products of the highest quality. Communication is the key to their successful projects, as they always take the time out to listen to their clients and answer any questions they may have too.

Corey Klassen is another company that might interest you, this award winning interior design firm is based in Vancouver, Canada and have been providing creative, valuable and meaningful design solutions which have been solely dedicated to the life, laughter and love of their clients. They are specialists in custom kitchen and bathroom designs but from time to time also offer whole-home interior design solutions for clients’ right from concept to conclusion. Since they are direct dealers of cabinetry, counters, hardware, plumbing, lighting and furniture they are pretty much your one stop shop for your dream bathroom.

Don’t forget to check out Cantu Bathroom, who were born in 1978. They began their company from a concept when there seemed to be a need for high quality design and plumbing and hardware that couldn’t be found anywhere in North America. The answer though was not far away and they found what they were looking for in Europe where the booming design scene was taking place. Since then Cantu Bathroom have grown to become the standard for innovation and quality across Western Canada. Do visit their Vancouver showroom to view a wide range of stunning decorative plumbing and hardware ideas. With their decades of experience they also have the complete knowledge to understand the different market trends and designs in order to find a unique piece that you may be looking for.

There are many more stores that one can look at Vancouver, and some of them include Modern Bathrooms, Fifth Avenue Kitchens and Baths, Zinc Renovation and Design, Coordinated Kitchen and Bath, Paradigm, Ambient, and Bathroom Remodel.

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