Bathroom Design Vancouver

Bathroom design is really well-developed today, thanks to the new techniques and trends of bathrooms that are emerging all over the world, thanks to the talented designers who have first created those. Today, you can buy a sink or a bathtub in so many different forms and shapes that you can really transform your bathroom to be like a Japanese garden, a classic Victorian style bathroom or a modern shiny bathroom. Let us see what’s on offer in the bathroom furniture stores of Vancouver.

Blu Bathworks
If you want to see the highest profile bathroom furniture and sanitary products, if you want to transform your bathroom into something entirely unique, then you ought to visit the store of Blu Bathworks. The store houses extraordinary designs of bathroom furniture, some of which you would have never imagined it existed. From sinks to bathtubs and great showers, you can get to find everything to design and create the perfect bathroom for you. This is a high-end place though, so be prepared with a likely budget.

Fresca Bath
Another premier supplier of high quality bathroom furniture and sanitary products, another great advantage of Fresca is its diversity of goods. You can get to choose which shower you would prefer (aluminum, stainless steel, thermostatic), you can choose the type of toilet, faucets, storage as to your like. The company also offers great entire collections in order to keep customers inspired. Fresca’s products can be bought in big Vancouver stores such as Décor Planet, Build, Lowe’s and Wayfair among other stores.

Cantu Bathrooms
Cantu is another very popular retail of high quality bathroom furniture imported from Italy, France from outstanding brands, which include names such as Frost, Wetstyle, Burgbad, THG Mossi among many others. Here you can get to find and buy specific sanitary products too which include Burgbad, Steam Therapy and such outstanding designs, such as stone forest, Decotec Paris or Zuchetti, all of which are outstanding collections.

Bathroom Remodel
We ought to write about this interesting company, which is outstanding in many ways. They do not only deal with bathroom furniture but will also help you in how you can re-design your bathroom and can provide full service on fixing the bathroom for you. You can order a quote or an appointment online from the website of Bathroom Remodel.

Oscar Grann’s Furniture
Oscar Grann’s furniture is a great store for those, who would like a classic style or even antique style bathroom with all its accessories and wooden bathroom furniture. They also provide the service of delivering and fixing your new bathroom. Upon request, they can also help you with your design ideas. Oscar Grann also deals with bathroom renovations, Oscar Grann’s furniture is located in North Vancouver.

Siema Kitchen and Bath
This classic style bathroom furniture store also offers kitchen furniture in a large variety. The company has fair prices and a huge variation of vanities and sanitary products; therefore, Siema is one of the highest visited stores in Vancouver, Canada.

The Online stores: let’s close our list with the enlisting of two online stores selling quality bathroom furniture which include Lux Reno and Perfect Bath both of which sell great quality bathroom furniture in nice variety for Vancouver and other cities of Canada. Click here for more popular bathroom furniture stores of Vancouver.

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