Where to Buy Amish Furniture in Vancouver

Vancouver is a great city located in British Columbia, Western Canada. The city is the 3rd biggest of the country; therefore, it’s pretty large and really colorful, lived by people coming from different continents and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, the artistic and cultural life of the city is really diverse and we can say just the same for the home and gardening culture of the city. In this article, we would like to give you a few hints on where and how to buy original Amish Furniture.

Before we get started with our list, let’s say a few words about Amish furniture, which is one of the most popular type of classic country style furniture in the United States and has gained plenty of momentum in the Canadian furniture business too. Amish furniture-making has been the longtime way of making money for several Amish families, living in Ohio and Pennsylvania. There are lots of Amish families which still live from making furniture in their traditional way, which means the exclusion of electricity and furniture making technologies, such as laminating. Amish furniture has several distinctive styles, which include the Mission style; that is by far the most popular also in Canada and the Shaker style another common method of making Amish furniture. What these two styles share is to make very practical furniture with often puritan design. Other lesser-known Amish schools have more artistic furniture, which include more styling and ornamentation. These include Rustic, Cottage or Beachfront designs. Let’s see where in Vancouver can we find great quality Amish furniture:

Sandy’s Amish Furniture:
This store deals with importing handcrafted Amish furniture collections for a long time. Their collection is pretty big and colorful and they offer the finest quality hardwood and handmade Amish furniture in their store. They offer furniture for the living room, the bedroom, dining room and entertainment (TV stands for example). As in style, they stick with the Mission style furniture that is simple yet classy in its outlook and comes in beautiful natural colours. Find Sandy’s Amish furniture in Vancouver, located in Coquitlam. They have another store in close by Langford too.

Simply Amish Furniture:
Another fine quality and overly popular store to visit for the locals of Vancouver when they want to buy the naturally beautiful Amish furniture. Simply Amish has an extra large collection of quality handmade pieces for the bedroom, the living room and dining room and they also offer furniture for kids room, office and outdoors. They work with the best quality imported Amish furniture and they even offer above 20 different collections all of which come in different styles ranging from Mission to Monarsh and Shaker furniture styles. Find Simply Amish not so far from Vancouver in Courtenay, which is about an hour drive from the city. Simply Amish is also member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, which means it is environmentally conscious in all its practices.

Folkart interiors:
Folkart Interiors is not an Amish furniture store but it offers very nice restored and handmade pieces of wooden furniture, many of which are in fact Amish furniture, therefore this store is well worth checking out when you are looking for unique, handmade pieces of furniture or Amish furniture. One of its advantages is, that you can get to find furniture in every different style and made out of a wide variety of woods, enriched by some authentic Amish pieces as well. The store of Folkart is located at 10th Avenue in Vancouver, Canada.

These are the most commonly visited stores in Vancouver when it comes to buying quality Amish furniture, however of course there are several other stores which also sell them in and around the city. Another way of getting Amish furniture directly shipped to you is through the largest websites selling Amish furniture, which include Amish Outlet Store, Amish Alley and Online Amish Furniture, which is the largest of all three. All these websites have their own quality and shipping guarantee when it comes to original Amish furniture. Don’t miss out on visiting them, if you want some pieces which you could not find in any of the local Vancouver stores.

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