Amish Furniture Calgary

Amish furniture is tremendously popular in Northern America. The traditional furniture making practices of the Amish are famous all around the world as it is a real generational craft that Amish people do for centuries without the use of any electricity. This promises real durable and beautiful looking classic Amish furniture the most popular type of which includes the Mission and the Shaker styles. Amish furniture is made out of pure hardwood and looks great in any home. Let’s check out where to buy Amish furniture in Calgary.

Deine Heim
Deine Heim is a relatively new store in Calgary, Canada, which is specialized in providing real quality Amish furniture for the locals. They represent us with a beautiful range of Amish furniture that comes in solid wood and darker colours. With the help of Deine Heim furniture, you can really transform your home into a classic Dutch-Amish style haven. Deine Heim offers furniture for the living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, baby and kids room, bathroom/kitchen furniture and they also offer free shipping of their furniture within Calgary. Deine Heim can customize their furniture as per your wishes and does quality leather, textile and even marble inclusions in their furniture. Check them out, when looking for Amish furniture in Calgary.

Country Pine Furniture
CP furniture deals with high quality pure wooden furniture in a fantastic variety. They are located close to Calgary, in Crossfield and they are one of the most popular furniture stores to visit by locals when it comes to buying quality Amish furniture. Next to Amish style , they also have the specialization in log furniture. When it comes to Amish furniture, Country Pine can offer high quality Mission style furniture that they also call Villageois after the company that produces this line of furniture. At Country Pine, you can get to find outstanding quality Amish furniture for the whole home.

Bracko Furniture
Bracko furniture is a large Canadian furniture store which is also the local retail for Simply Amish, that is currently the largest US Amish Furniture dealer in North America. You can get to see a great selection of chairs, benches, buffets, sideboards, chests, tables, mirrors, bar stools, beds and hutches in their living/dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, home office furniture. Do not hesitate to visit the showroom of Bracko Furniture to see the fantastic collections of Simply Amish.

Prestige Furniture
Prestige Furniture has the specialization in providing solid wood furniture both in Calgary and in Vancouver. They have a large selection of oak, birch and timber furniture and they make Mission style Amish furniture. They have fantastic dining room, living room and bedroom sets in beautiful chocolate and champagne tones. Next to Amish style, they also deal with other classic and country style solid wood furniture. Prestige is surely a company to check out when you are looking for Amish furniture in Calgary.

Amish furniture today is considered a very popular choice for those who are looking for classic, country style solid wood furniture and it’s great when you would like real durable furniture that has the capacity to last for decades and Calgary is a great place to explore quality Amish furniture.

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