Amazing Country Furniture

Country furniture has a real revival these years and it has become beloved and trendy family style furniture, that really can re-create any home to become a real warm and friendly place. In our article, we would like to check out where to find some of the best country style furniture stores in Canada.

Chintz and Co.
Chintz is one of the biggest names of furniture brands in Canada, when it comes to antique, country and vintage furniture. Their showroom in Canada features an outstanding range of furniture, accessories and home ware in high quality and in luxurious designs. Their specialisation is in French classic, antique and country style furniture and visiting their de-luxe showroom you will instantly get to see what a fantastic classy home you can furnish solely with their furniture and accessories. You can browse in their collection according to furniture style and type and you can get to find furniture here for every single room of a home. Chintz and Co. is a dream come true to the fans of country and vintage style furniture and its one of the best stores to check out in Canada.

Prestige Furniture
Prestige Furniture features a rare classic vintage furniture style that is so beloved all across Canada. Having showrooms in multiple cities of Canada, Prestige is a premiere dealer of solid wood furniture offering outstanding quality alongside their attractive designs. Prestige  represents us with Amish furniture and classic country style furniture that come in Mission style featuring lovely dark coloured solid wood furniture, which look outstanding in any rooms. Check out the beautiful dining room and bedroom sets of Prestige that also offers high quality leather sofas and seating sets for a quality living room.

Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn is a big name on the international country style furniture market offering a fantastic selection of pure wood and solid wood country style furniture. Not only do their have exceptional baby and kids room furniture, Pottery Barn can indeed furnish your whole flat to create a real home for you and your family. In addition to its beautiful living room and bedroom furniture, Pottery barn features exceptionally great dining room sets in its collection featuring different country styles from French to British country and its bar cabinets and hutches can really bring that classy feeling in your home. All in all Pottery Barn is a real expert when it comes to country furniture and you ought to visit their nearest showroom or buy its furniture straight from the internet from their website.

Cricklewood Interiors
Representing outstanding solid wood country furniture, Cricklewood is one of the most popular furniture stores in Canada, representing you with one of the largest range of furniture in its showroom that you can find nearby the downtown. Cricklewood has been in furniture making in the past 30 years and they are real experts when it comes to classic furniture. Representing you with rustic dining sets and an especially great selection of sofas and seating sets Cricklewood has some of the biggest variety of country furniture, in different styles and colours in order for everyone to find the country furniture best fitting their style and taste.

Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware is one of the best Canadian brands that deals with an exquisite range of vintage and country style furniture and it has a fantastic showroom in major cities of Canada. The range at RH Furniture is overly big and once you visit their showroom you will really be amazed by all the beauty of old times that you will get to see in restored form in several ways to create an overly unique style home for you. RH is one of the best inspirational furniture stores that you ought to check out when you are looking for country furniture.